On this page you see several "water dioramas with  (for most) German U-boote.

Especially Scale 1:144 is a great scale for these boats. The boats (mostly Revell) are well detailed and can be put easily in a diorama. Creating water is not difficult and is done, not with resin but,  with yacht varnish*(terpentine based). By giving several layers of varnish (sometimes some paint is added to give it another color) I'm creating depth in the water.

*purchased at a construction market. A tin can yacht varnish  of 0,25 litre (around 15 euro)  can be used for several dioramas! 


 1:72 "Tegenliggers" (Traffic jam!)

U boat VII     Revell

Vehicles        Dragon, Academy, Revell

Figures         Preiser

The story of  the VII: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_VII_submarine

1:144 "De stier van Scapa flow" (The bull of scapa flow)

U boats VII    Revell

Vehicles         Dragon 1:144 and Herpa 1:160

Figures          Formost Herpa, Preiser 1:144/160

1:144 "Te laat opgedoken" (Surfaced too late)

U boat XXI       Revell

U boat XXIII     Trumpeter

Vehicles           Herpa/ Wiking (1:160)

Figures             Preiser/ Herpa (1:160)

The story of the XXI : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_XXI_submarine

The story f the XXXIII: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_XXIII_submarine

1:144 "Oefenkano's"  (Training Canoes)

U boat II B Early      Revell/ ICM

Figures                      Resin Northstar, 3D printed Shapeways Panzers vs Tanks

The story of U boat II: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_II_submarine

1:144 "Kano's in de Zwarte Zee" (Canoes in the black sea) 

U boat  II B late       Revell/ ICM 

Figures                     3D printed Shapeways Panzers vs Tanks

Halftrack Sdkfz251 Pegasus