Aroud 10-15 years ago I made a lot of 1:48 military dioramas in cooperation with the Nederlands/ Belgisch Modelbouw Magazine. Scale 1:48 is an exciting scale for a lot of builders. It is not too small and not too big and  mostly well detailed. Of course it helps that most of the models are Tamiya which is a guerantee for a lot of fun. 

1:48 "Schat, Ik heb de kits kleiner gemaakt" (Honey I shrunk the kits) .

I gave this name to the diorama because the models looked as downsized 1:35 models, it was also the name of a Disney film. The diorama won a gold prize winner in the Tamiya Pachi Contest. 

Su 100/ Stug III/ Figures     Tamiya

1:48 "Barbarossa"

A diorama in 2 parts

KV1/ Krupp Protze and figures       Tamiya

Halftrack Sdkfz251                           AFV club

Armoured Vehicle Sdkfz221           ICM

 Small caterpillar                               Selfmade

1:48 "Doorbraak" (Breakthrough)

Sherman, Kettenkrad, Kubelwagen and figures are all Tamiya. 

1:48 "Poolse Bevrijders" (Polish Liberators) 

Sherman Firefly, Bren carrier and figures are all Tamiya. 

1:48 " Aanval op het Oostfront" (Attack on the eastern front)

Panzer III, T34 and figures are all Tamiya


1:48 "Britse bevrijders" (Britisch Liberators)

The diorama was not build by me but got an extensive make over to get it more realistic. 

Cromwell and figures are all Tamiya

1:48 "Gewoon een T34/85" (Just a T34/85)

This is a great model of the T34/85 with interior One side is partially opend to have a look inside.

T34/85         Hobbyboss