On the dioramas you see a lot of buildings. These are (formost) all N scale buildings and  ideal to combine with scale 1:144. There is really a lot to get in this scale and for me it is a sport to get these buildings reasonable cheap on railway events. Mostly the buildings I'm buying are second handed  (or third) and already build. The buildings are carefully dismanteld and build up again and do get a lot of plastic surgery for  the right fit and look on the diorama. 

1:144 "Overgave" (Surrender)

Tiger 1 (with interior!)      Arrowhead Miniatures

M8                                       Revell

Halftrack Sdkfz251           Pegasus

Figures                                Pegasus, Preiser              

1:144 "Ergens in Duitsland April 45" (Somewhere in Germany, april 1945)

Shermans, M8's                                    Revell

King Tiger, M3 halftrack, GMC, M8    Arrowhead Miniatures

Halfrack Sdkfz7                                    ? Oops, I forgot

Bergepanzer IV                                    Dragon (converted)

Boats                                                      Artitec (1:160)

Figures                                                  3d printed Shapeways Panzer vs Tanks, Preiser, Herpa, Noch

Cars                                                      ?Oops, I forgot (1:160)

1:144 "Iwo Jima!" (Iwo Jima!) 

LSM                          Revell

Jeep, Beep, Duck, Hago, LVT, wrecked Shermans    Arrowhead Miniatures

Shermans, GMCs   Revell

Figures                     3D printed Shapeways Panzer vs Tanks

1:144 "Tankberging, 100 jaar geleden" (Tank recovery, 100 years ago)

A7V            Arrowhead Miniatures

Carriage    Selfmade

Figures      3D printed Shapeways Panzer vs tanks

1:144 "Gevecht om de fabrieken, Rusland december 1942" (Factory fight Russia december 42)

Halftrack Sdkfz251, T34/76, KV1, KV2, T70, BMW R75 Arrowhead Miniatures

Panzer IV G                                                                          Dragon

Figures                                                                                  Pegasus, Arrowhead Miniatures

1:144 "Vast gereden tanks rond Ieper" (Bogged tanks around Ypres august 1917

Mark IV tanks (1 male, 3 females)   Arrowhead Miniatures

Figures                                                 3D printed Shapeways Panzer vs Tanks

1:144 "Geallieerde ontmoeting in Duits dorp, mei 1945" (Allies meet in German village, may 1945)

Bren Carrier, Cromwell tanks, Churchill tanks, Staghound                                    Arrowhead Miniatures

Sherman tanks, GMC trucks                                                                                        Revell

Figures                                                                                                                             Noch, Preiser, 3d printed Shapeways panzer vs tanks

1:144 "Duitse Tankberging" (German tank recovery) 

Panzer III M, Bergepanther                                  Arrowhead Miniatures

Figures                                                                     Noch 1:160, North Star 1:144