On the dioramas you see a lot of buildings. These are (formost) all H0 scale buildings.  There is really a lot to get in this scale and for me it is a sport to get these buildings reasonable cheap on railway events. Mostly the buildings I'm buying are second handed  (or third) and already build. The buildings are carefully dismanteld and build up again and do get a lot of plastic surgery for  the right fit and look on the diorama. 

1:87 "Oberembt, Germany 1945" 

Sturmtiger                Herpa

Sherman ARV           Artitec

Humber Scoutcar   Artitec

Figures                     Artitec, Preiser, Roco, Noch (all converted)       

1:87 "Russisch Stormgesschut" (Russian Sturmgeschutz)

Su 85                                Premo (a Russian company and is not existing anymore)

Halftrack SDKFZ 251     Trident

Wrecked car                   Wiking or Herpa?

Figures                             Preiser

1:87 "Aftocht" (Retreat)

The halftracks:

Sdkfz251/8 (Ambulance)                          Trident (I'v converted the normal SDKFZ251 to this ambulance version)

Sdkfz251/23                                                Trident

Sdkfz251/1  mit Wurfrahmen                   Trident

Sdkfz250/1                                                   Trident

Sdkfz250/5                                                   Trident

Kettenkrad                                                    Trident

The tanks:

King Tigers/ Panzer IV Wirbelwind            Herpa

Cars                                                                Wiking?

Train Br01                                                     Revell

Figures                                                           Preiser


Dit diorama is in bezit van het legerdioramawereld museum . 

This diorama is in possession of  the "legerdioramawereld museum"  .